Core Features

Core Features of 3dema

External 3D scanning and model building of edema
Volume metrics analysis software of scans down to 0.5mL
Data storage of scans and generated measurements
Easy to use webapp and database management
Production of comprehensible graph analytics
Objective insights for more effective treatment

Key Benefits

3dema Offers A Number of Benefits For Healthcare Professionals

Objective Analytics

3dema helps healthcare professionals to offer objective and better estimates with the help of analytics.

Cost Effective

3dema's cost-efficient, 5-minute process enables your clinic to reduce reliance on expensive & cumbersome method of volumeters.

More Accurate Imaging

Current measurements are variable with an error margin of 5.1 - 71.9 mL. 3dema offers more accurate imaging to 0.5 mL.

Case Studies

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